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Take Vehicle Registrations online! The process is safe, simple and quick. The service is offered at a low cost to your community and supported by a small user fee on each transaction. Since the introduction in 2004, E-Reg has processed over 100,000 registrations. Citizens request well over 3,000 registrations every month!

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Wakefield, NH Resident 4/23/2011 "As a military service member, away from home, this is a very easy way to keep my vehicle registered."
Keene, NH Resident 4/9/2011 "Nice to be able to do everything online…the website was easy to navigate and I liked that I could see details of the charges."
Gilford, NH Resident 4/8/11 "Very easy, very convenient. Thank you."
Epsom, NH Resident 4/4/11 "Very slick system!! Love this!!"
Belmont, NH Resident 3/23/11 "It was very easy to use and saves time and money."
Merrimack, NH Resident 3/6/11 "What a fantastic idea! I do not work close to town and can never get to the Town Offices unless I take time off from work. It was quick and painless."
Derry, NH Resident 2/17/11 "Love that I can do this on line!!! This is so easy to use!!!"
Weare, NH Resident 2/13/11 "Very nice addition to make auto registration a whole lot more convenient!"
Auburn, NH Resident 2/12/11 "This is a valuable tool for those of us that usually are working when the town hall is open."
Plaistow, NH Resident 2/11/11 "Wonderful that the use of the PIN number figures out all the fees for the car, and to be able to register the dogs so easily too. The system is wonderful, especially for people who have to work out of town. No more long lines and standing around and so accurate and easy.."
Canaan, NH Resident 1/16/11 "Great tool and very quick to complete the registration process!! Great time saver."

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